Tan Kabra, otherwise called Tanmaya Kabra, is Managing Director at Vanguard Venture Group. Tan has shaped the Vanguard Group while chipping away at ventures esteemed upwards of $100MM+.

A Serial business visionary thrice finished, Tan has a broad foundation in the startup business. He has done Bacherlors in Business Administration, Data Analytics, Marketing Analytics from Babson College.

About our company

Tan Kabra has 5 current occupations including Managing Director at Vanguard Venture Group, Board of Chiefs at HubCharge, and Lead Investor at Rezzit21 and Wynk. He is a Member to 30+ early arrange new companies. He claims 2 portfolio organizations. . He is a sequential business visionary, who established orworked in the supervisory groups of seven endeavors, of which four have left. The associations he established are LaunchByte, APPIO, VetX, VetX and MyTineraries.

He says,

“I am a startup lover and a characteristic conceived development programmer, with a consuming enthusiasm for innovation! The organizations I have established, put resources into, prompted, and been a piece of somehow or another have all become through focused deals and vital endeavors. I have lead groups as little as 3 all the far up to 55.”